Conflict in Kashmir//


It is a territorial dispute between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir region, the northwestern most region of South Asia. India claims the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and administers approximately 43 per cent of the region, including most of Jammu, the Kashmir Valley, Ladakh, and the Siachen Glacier.


India’s claims are contested by Pakistan, which controls approximately 37 per cent of Kashmir, namely Azad Kashmir and the northern areas of Gilgit and Baltistan.



India believes that Kashmir is its integral part whereas Pakistan says that Kashmir is a disputed territory whose final status must be determined by the people of Kashmir.


China states that Aksai Chin is a part of China and does not recognize the addition of Aksai Chin to the Kashmir region. Certain Kashmiri independence groups believe that Kashmir should be independent of both India and Pakistan.


India and Pakistan have fought at least three wars over Kashmir, including the Indo-Pakistani Wars of 1947, 1965 and 1999. India and Pakistan have also been involved in several skirmishes over the Siachen Glacier.The turmoil in Jammu and Kashmir has resulted in thousands of deaths,but has become less deadly in recent years.


There have been protest movements in Indian Administered Kashmir since 1989. The movements were created to voice Kashmir’s disputes and grievances with the Indian government, specifically the Indian Military. The most recent resistance movement began after the India’s ruling party BJP successfully installed a coalition government in the state.