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Empty spaces of the human mind | By MI Mazhar

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When one idea interacts with another idea in the empty spaces of the human mind, dreams are formed. The desire to dream, to live the dream, and to turn the dream into life is very high in young people’s minds.

The most significant difference between a novice writer and an experienced author is that the imagination of an immature creative mind embarks on a new journey with ambitious intent.

The boat of imagination that an immature creative mind rides on is drifting away from the current that surrounds that creator of the new style.

There is an atmosphere that circulates around the immature creator because their craft involves the leavening of positive and charming emotions such as desire and ambition, rather than the grafting of experience.

When they paint a new scene, they are not only embroidering it with the tip of the pen, but are also diving into the sea of ​​self.

Internality in literature is taken to mean that the creator brings out his or her personal experience in the form of universal truth while keeping his inner truth in front.

When a creator sees the beauty and ugliness around in the mirror of their own self, their creativity helps in giving new trends and ideas to the literature and art of that era.

Thus, the process of creation in society does not stop but continues to advance from a new angle.

The discussion of literature for literature and literature for life is very old.

Regardless of whether there should be objectivity in literature or not, it does not seem difficult if we only look at the aspect of the period in which the writer or writer is living.

It is necessary to live in an era in which it is difficult to live because without it there is no alternative.

In the age we live in, the most affected if anyone is the mind of a young person.

As far as speaking and listening are concerned, economic and social development is at its peak, but the process of reverse development is also going on.

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